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Reward Points

Earn points with every visit and when you spend on our products.


From your first visit to the salon, you will start earning points towards to your appointments, the more times you visit the more points you receive.  We want to reward loyalty.  We want to look after your hair by sharing our expert knowledge and when you stick to our plan and recommendations, you will be rewarded.


All our services* qualify for points.


Hair & Beauty Services

1 point for every £10 you spend.


1 point for every £1 you spend.


100 points is equal to £1.


* Hair extension appointments and aftercare do not qualify for points.

All groupon bookings do not qualify for points. 

Points only applied to full price services paid

Gift cards do not qualify for points

Services booked using gift cards or any type of discount do not qualify for points

Redeeming points will need to discussed with stylist or receptionist upon checking out.

All points accured will expire after 12 months and a new balance will be started.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the manager of the salon.

This information applies to any bookings made since April 2022.  Bookings made before this date do not qualify.

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