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Online, Deposit, and Cancellation Policy

We will do our very best not to cancel or re-arrange your appointments and to run to time. We really appreciate you doing the same. We understand that sometimes you may have to cancel or move an appointment.  Therefore, please give us at least 48 hours’ notice, otherwise if you paid a deposit or full payment, the deposit amount of 50% will not be refunded.

It is very difficult for us to fill appointments at short notice.

If you need to cancel/move, please give us a call on 01273748999 or 07944587195.


Should you get our voicemail, please do leave a clear message and you can back this message up with a text, email or put a message on social media.  We cannot take your notice to cancel or move with just a message on social media as we sometimes miss it.  A call to either number above is the first priority contact.  Thank you


Since April 2021, we have been taking deposits for all our appointments and our no-show rates for appointments have dropped dramatically.  This in turns keeps our business healthy and staff in jobs.  Therefore, we kindly ask for a 50% deposit at the time of booking.


In case of a late cancellation or no-show, the amount of the deposit/full payment will not be refunded as it genuinely reflects the loss we have suffered because of the late cancellation or no-show.

The deposit/full payment will be taken at the time when you book your appointment and will be taken off your bill when you pay for the service or treatment you have received.

The deposit/full payment will be fully refunded if you cancel and give us at least 48 hours’ notice, or it can be left on your account till you reschedule.

The deposit/full payment will be fully refunded if you have reaction to a skin allergy test.

For a deposit/full payment to be refunded we will require you to contact us to arrange to come to the salon in person with the same card details (for deposits paid by card) to have the amount to be refunded back to your card or cash returned.  Should this not be done with a month of the cancelled appointment, the deposit will be removed from your client account and no longer available for a refund.  Please endeavour to contact the salon to organise a refund or rebook your appointment.

Should you wish to reschedule your appointment and do this with more than 48hrs notice, we will transfer the deposit/advance payment to the new date of the appointment. 


If you are running late, please do call us on 01273748999 / 07944587195. If you get our voicemail service, please leave a clear and detailed message and we will do our best to fit you in, but we may not be able to provide the full service or treatment.  We will discuss this with you on your arrival.


Please ensure you have booked the correct service for your requirements, should you wish to add notes to communicate something to ask, please do so, this is extremely helpful.  We do endeavour to check your online booking details and we will call should something appear amiss.  Any queries, please do call the salon on 01273748999.

Thank you.

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