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Colour Skin Testing Policy  

For all our hair colouring services that include any colour product mixed with developer requires a skin allergy patch test.  We use Goldwell and NXT hair colour.  It is the hair colour ingredients, such as a chemical called paraphenylenediamine (PPD), which is a known irritant and allergen to some people. This is the culprit of most reactions to hair colour.  Should you know that you have allergy reactions to this chemical, please advise us.


This test is to be carried out 48hrs before the colour appointment.  We ask you to visit the salon for a 5 minute appointment to have a pea-size amount of colour product placed on the inside crook of your elbow with a plaster over the top and we do another one behind the ear.  (we have anti-allergy plasters/micropore available for those who are allergic to plasters). You can leave the salon after the test has been done.  The product needs to be left on for 45 mins, then it can be washed off.  Should you receive no reaction to the test, we can proceed with your hair colouring service.  Should you receive a reaction in the form of redness, itching, swelling we CANNOT proceed and please wash off the product straight away.  Please be sure to let us know your result.  If you had paid a deposit for your colour appointment, this will be refunded

The test lasts for 6 months and then we will ask you be to re-tested, if you have not been in for a colour service.  For all new clients to the salon, we will offer a skin patch test.

For brow tinting and lash lift appointment, the same advice applies.  The product is placed behind the ear. 

We hope that you will advise us so we can act safely for your hair colouring appointment.  A patch test is required 48 hrs before any hair colouring appointment.  We have to advise that we cannot accept any responsibility for a skin reaction to a hair colour service if you have not advised us of a positive test or expressed any concerns of your well-being.  We will do our best to discuss any concerns you have or we may have but should you feel that you have not been feeling your best since contracting COVID-19, we strongly advise against a colour service.  Please do discuss any concerns you have with us prior to your appointment or at the time of making an appointment.  Thank you.

Should you be a new client to our salon or not had a colour service within the last 6 months at our salon, our usual colour skin patch testing still applies. 

The management and staff at Fine to Fabulous will do their upmost to make your time in the salon as comfortable, safe and stress-free as possible. 


Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Ingrid, the owner of Fine to Fabulous.


Thank you for your understanding

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