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Fine to Fabulous Hove Hairdresser hair stylist professional salon Brighton

Hair Services

Browse our selection of comprehensive hair treatments

Treatments with a personal touch

All our services come with a complimentary consultation. 


We combine your needs and desires with our expert knowledge to decide what's best for your hair. 


Once we're agreed on the details, we'll make you look fabulous. 

Cuts & Styling

From fringe trims and blowdries to full consultations and restyles, your personal stylist will advise on the right length and finish to amplify your look. Available for all ages, genders and hairstyles. 

CUTS & FINISH               Stylist     Senior   Owner 

Cut & Blowdry                    £35         £42          £49

Restyle Cut & Blowdry      £46         £53          £60

Wet Cut                              £29         £35          £42

Fringe Trim                           £6           £8          £10

Girl Wet Cut 13-17yrs        £23         £28          £34

Girl Wet Cut 12yrs             £20         £24          £30

Gents Cut                                          £18          £22  

Gents Wash, Cut & Blowdry             £27         £32

Express Blowdry                 £9            £9           £9

Short Blowdry                    £24          £29         £33

Long Blowdry                    £30          £35         £39

£11 supplement for thick or long hair on cutting/styling services.

£10 extra on children’s hair for a blowdry. 

Adult price for children's cuts on Saturdays


Colour Services

Complete the look with a colour that compliments your skin tone, eye colour and hair texture. 


For added shine and protection, our stylists use vegan-friendly and paraben-free products that make you look fabulous without damaging your hair. 

ROOTS & REFRESH                 Stylist      Senior    Owner

Express Root Tint                     £31          £35          £39

Big Roots Tint                           £36          £40          £44

Roots & Refresh short              £49          £52          £56

Roots & Refresh long               £60          £63          £67

Organic Colour Root Tint        £42          £45         £49

Gent Roots                                £31          £34         £38


Partial Highlights                      £45          £51         £55  

Half Head Highlights                £57          £63         £67

Full Head Highlights                 £69         £75          £78

Add Root Tint                            £22         £22         £22

Colour on Lengths & Ends       £22          £22        £22

Single Toner                               £22         £22        £22


Full Head Balayage                 £102       £110       £115

Refresh Balayage                       £87         £95       £105

Partial Balayage                         £72         £80         £85

Root Stretch                               £31         £35         £39

Bleach Roots & Tone                 £52         £59         £67


Extra Long/Thick Hair                 £11        £11         £11

Rough Blowdry                             £9           £9          £9

Post Colour Blowdry                    £21       £25        £30

Post Colour Cut & Blowdry         £35       £42        £49

All colours excludes Cutting & Finish.

Balayage includes toner.

Skin allergy patch test for hair colour is required 48hrs before the appointment for all new clients or those who have not been to the salon more than 6 months. 

balayage hove brighton Fine to Fabuous Salon_edited.png


Long-lasting treatments that keep you looking your best. 


Whether you need help maintaining or rescuing your hair, our stylists will advise you on the right treatment, products and aftercare to restore a healthier, happier you.

TREATMENTS                           Stylist      Senior     Owner 

Essential Mask                          £12          £12          £12

Scalp Facial                               £20          £25          £30

KERATIN COMPLEX                     

VitalShot                                    £20          £20          £20  

Express Blowout add-on          £25          £30          £35


Short Hair to Shoulder              £95         £105        £120

Long Hair below Shoulder       £115        £125        £140

Must take home Hydrate Mask £30


Short Hair to Shoulder              £129        £139       £149

Long Hair below Shoulder        £149        £159      £169

Must take home Bond Seal Mask £30


Short Hair to Shoulder              £125        £135       £145

Long Hair below Shoulder        £145        £155      £165

All treatments excludes Cutting & Finish.

Keratin Complex VitalShot & Express Blowout are add-ons

All services can be done after a colour service to lock in colour

Fine to Fabulous Hove Hairdresser hair stylist professional salon Brighton

Hair Smoothing & Curl Treatments

keratin complex treatment fine to fabulous salon

Keratin Complex Hair Treatments


Smoothing Treatment

This color-locking, speedy smoothing solution is an express service that delivers polished, more manageable hair with results that last up to weeks. KCEXPRESS takes 15 minutes when added to a color service or just 1 hour when used as a standalone service


Personalized Blow Out™ Smoothing Treatment

This customizable treatment is powered by K-Pure Juice™ and has the ability to control frizz and maximize smooth for up to 3 months.


Curl Enhancing Keratin Treatment

A unique curly keratin treatment designed to enhance and define curly, kinky and coily hair types while restoring essential moisture to the hair

Fine to Fabulous Hair Salon Hove

Scalp Facial Treatments

Kerasilk Specialists Range

Key Signs of Scalp Ageing

Facial ageing can be seen through wrinkles but scalp ageing becomes visible differently:


Dry and sensitive scalp


Oily scalp and dandruff


Reduced hair density, hair loss

Thinner, more fragile thinning hair.

Kerasilk Specialists Range Fine to Fabulous Salon

Kerasilk Specialist Range is a rejuvenating scalp-care routine inspired by skin care. It’s designed to address the key signs of scalp aging, which can significantly impact the condition of your hair.

  1. Why Scalp Care Matters:

    • Your scalp ages six times faster than your facial skin, and its condition directly influences your hair health.

    • External stress factors like UV radiation, pollution, chemical stress, heat, and cold contribute to oxidative stress on the scalp.

  2. Key Signs of Scalp Aging:

    • Dehydration: Dry and sensitive scalp.

    • Imbalance: Oily scalp and dandruff.

    • Weak, Thinning Hair: Reduced hair density and hair loss, resulting in thinner, more fragile-looking hair.

  3. In Salon Scalp Treatment Service:

    • Add this service to either a cut or blowdry appointment as a add-on

    • We will recommend the products to use at home.

  4. Products in the Kerasilk Specialists Range:

Remember, beautiful hair starts with a well-treated scalp. Consider incorporating scalp-care into your routine to reveal your most gorgeous locks! 

Scalp Facial for Dry, Oily, Flaky Scalps at Fine to Fabulous Salon


STEP 1:  Exfoliating Scalp Pre Wash Kerasilk Specialist

STEP 2:  Shampoo Scalp Active Foundation Treatment  Luxury Conditioner length & ends of the hair

Head Massage

STEP 3:  Rinse

STEP 4:  Apply Liquid Cuticle Filler

STEP 5:  Cut and/or Blowdry Finish

PRICE: £25 add on 

10% off for OAPs and Referrals

OAP's receive 10% discount on Tuesdays & Wednesdays on all our full priced services.

Love what we've done to your hair? 


Refer us to a friend and both of you will receive 10% off your next booking. 


Its our way of saying, Thank you.

Fine To Fabulous Hairdressers Stylist Salon Brighton and Hove

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