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Hair Extensions Appointments Terms & Conditions

All our hair extension appointments require a colour matching and consultation appointment at least 4 days before the fitting appointment.  This is so the right colour is chosen along with length and number of extensions needed to give you the best look.  Please note, failure to miss or not show up to this appointment, will result in a £40 cancellation fee. Should you wish to move your appointment please give at least 48hrs notice.

Once you are happy with the consultation, choice of colour and extension application, a fitting appointment will be booked. At this stage, a 80% deposit will be required, so we can order the hair as we do not stock a supply.  The balance of 20% will paid at the fitting appointment.  The deposit will include any colouring services booked.

For all hair colouring appointments, a skin allergy patch test is required 48 hours prior to your appointment.  This is can be done at the consultation appointment.

Please arrive on time to all your appointments.   Should you arrive late to your appointment this can result in the appointment being shorten and we may not be able to fulfil the whole service.  This will be discussed with you on arrival.  The full price for the appointment will be charged.  We are a busy salon with back-to-back appointments.

We advise you to come alone to your appointment.  Should you wish to bring someone, please let us know prior to your appointment as we may have space available.

All deposits and payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. Unless you have given us at least 72 hours’ notice that you would like to cancel or move your appointment.  

Refitting appointments

Hair extensions are applied close to the scalp and therefore as your natural hair grows, the extensions move down the hair.  The extensions can be taken out and refitted with new tapes, bonds or rings and place back up to the scalp.  The refitting times are important to adhere to keep your scalp in a healthy condition and prolong the life of the hair.  It also prevents severe matting and tangling to the hair.

All hair extensions purchased can be reused by booking a re-fitting appointment.  This will be discussed with you and booked at your fitting appointment.  Should you feel you would like longer please call the salon on 01273748999 asap to discuss and re-schedule.

For tape extensions we recommend no longer than 8 weeks for a re-fit and for keratin, micro rings, twin tabs and double hair extensions we recommend no longer than 12 weeks.  Should you go past this time, it will cause damage to your scalp and significantly reduce the lifespan of your hair extensions.  We strongly advise that the hair is at least taken out and put back in another time, should you not have the time for a full refit appointment. 

If your hair extensions have been left for longer than the recommended refit time and has become matted or damaged, we will charge additional time of £20 per 30 mins for removal and your extensions may not be in a fit state to be refitted, which will result in a new set being purchased.

Should you have any queries with the above, please contact the manager at the Fine to Fabulous Salon on 01273748999

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